About PLIC

CEO’s Message

The Brand “Postal Life Insurance” stands on three pillars.  Legacy, Trust, and Heritage. It takes years for any company in the business of insurance to build what we have from the day Postal Life Insurance Company was established.

Historically our business has thrived on the back of a public service brand, Pakistan Post. I believe that each and every insurance or savings plan that our customers buy from us carries an expectation that their money is safe and secure. This is our biggest strength.

With the transformation of Postal Life business to a company, we will build on this strength with a mission to help our existing and new customers achieve financial security for themselves and for their family’s future.

The use of technology, training, and development of our staff will be the primary focus which will bring a cultural shift from process-driven to a customer-centric approach. Each of our employee will have one thing to achieve – “bring a positive change in the lives of our customers”.

Muhammad Naeem Akhtar